Oren's Portfolio

Hello. My name is Oren Otter and this is my portfolio.

Personal information

Although my legal name is Brett Eric Vary, I have been operating under the name Oren Otter for a number of years. As such, I have accomplished a wide variety of endeavors. Among them:

- Was a member of the highly exclusive webcomic group known as The Nice.
- Served as the head of the secret web-cartoonist's society, helping to orchestrate a number of special events, including "Wired for Christmas", an anthology published as a charity benefit. - Founded Ottercomics, later to be dubbed Pandora Comics, a syndicate and mutual promotion group for webcomics. Ottercomics may be seen at www.ottercomics.us.
- Founded the Riverside Players, an acting troupe which has produced such audio entertainment as "Otter island" and "a Furry Christmas Carol".
- Created the shoutcast radio station OtterTunes. Ottertunes may be heard at rovr.primcast.com:7120.
- Founded the Christian Furry Fellowship, an online Christian church.
- Currently serving as pastor of said felowship.
- Currently serving as assistant coordinator for the annual Lakota Clothing Drive, a charity operation benefitting the Lakota Sioux in and around Manderson, South Dakota.

Career goals

My first career goal has been to become a a webcomic author with at least one webcomic rated in the top five percent. This, I have accomplished.
My second career goal is to work as an animator, producing quality animation and learning as much as I can about the business.
My third career goal is to launch my own multimedia entertainment company.
Finally, my ultimate career goal is to act as a guru to the next generation of artists and help worthy fledglins gain a foothold in the industry.

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Contact information

Email: My email address is orenotterATyahooDOTcom. Just replace the capitalized bits with the appropriate symbols.

ICQ: #1201-5849